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POS Funnels

  POS Funnels   1 Comments   September 05, 2018   Holly Bernard

In this blog post, I am going to show you a POS funnel that helped me to triple the amount of money that comes in every single time we sell a type of item in my store.

The type of item I have chosen to do this with is a flee product called Front Line. This will work in nearly every industry but I have specifically done it for one of my pet stores so you can use this example in loads of different industries. For example, we have used it with an electrical wholesaler who has used it selling alarms and a bike shop that sells services, but in this particular example we are going to use is directly from one of my pet stores.

The product we have chosen to use was Front Line. The reason we have chosen this is that it's a product that people need to buy every 3 months but when we were looking at the data we found that people were actually only typically buying it every 7-8 months. This basically means that they only buy it when they need it as opposed to as a preventative measure.

The way that it worked was, originally when someone first came into the store they were spending on average £24 every single time. So whenever we sell any front line product was around the £24 mark. We then decided to see if we could increase that to see how much extra money we could bring in using only a few simple steps that you can implement in your business today. To do this we first captured information on the customer whenever they bought a front line product, we already have an advantage over some businesses in the fact that we have to capture their information, which we can then use.

Whenever someone comes into our store the first job of our staff is to capture their information to get their name, email address, phone number, home address etc. So that we can use that data to contact the customers further down the line and see if we can increase their average spend. The way we started at first was; we knew that people were on an average spend of £24 and would come into store and simply buy front line and maybe pick up a few other little things but essentially their average spend was pretty low considering what they were buying so to try and increase sales we offered a bump. This is essentially an upsell and is an offer that is only valid for someone who is buying a particular product. We offered anyone that buys that product a household flee spray which is a £12.99 product that most people who were buying front line we found were buying it in the first place because their pet had a flee problem. Therefore, by offering them a bump of a household flee spray we could alleviate all of the flees they had as well as increasing their average spend quite dramatically.

The only other thing that we did at point of sale during this point was to make them an offer, so we set up a recurring revenue stream. We decided that we would offer them to get the front line product every 3 months as an automated process to allow them to pay us every 3 months, the money would come in and we would send them the product rather than them having to remember to place their order or come into store. To do this our staff were under strict instructions so that whenever someone came in to buy the front line they would offer the bump of the free spray and then offer the chance to have the recurring revenue as well. We found that about 22% of people actually took us up on the offer of going onto a monthly scheme. While this may not seem that high, that for us still added on a lot of extra revenue which was also guaranteed to have money coming in every 3 months as opposed to waiting for someone to come back and but the flee product from us.

What it also does is it ties the customer into buying from us as opposed to going to one of our competitors. We do monthly scheme on loads of other products as well from dog food etc. and if you look at our EPOS business as well, we do it on software plans and support. All of these things guarantee extra revenue so that we can have a predictable revenue stream all the time so we can forecast and grow our business properly.

This was the first thing we did; at the point of sale we offered them the chance to have a subscription and offered them the bump. Even this on its own would increase sales quite a lot. For us, at the time just looking at those 2 things nearly doubled the amount of sales that we get for every time we sell a font line product. What we then did that really worked and helped us to increases sales was to take this particular funnel and then we added something down the line, which was a timer. We said that 3 months down the line anyone who hasn't bought that product/come back into the store we'd put them into a sequence and automated all of this through our EPOS system. We set them up as a point of sale offer and said that anyone who buys a flee product automatically goes into the sequence further down the line.

The sequence worked by adding in a voucher to a product and an email. We designed an email and sent it out to the customer telling them they were coming up to 3 months since they last de-fleed their pet and that its time for them to buy some new flee products so they should come in now. We also gave them an offer with 10% off for them to redeem when they come into the store. We sent this via email so it basically free for us for us to send the email making it very cost effective. We sent this at about 10 weeks from when they had bought the first product, the reason we did this was because we wanted to get them in early so that we reminded them prior to doing the hard sell.

We then left it another week and added another email to the sequence that basically told them that they were getting close to their pet running out of protection and they need to de-flee it. We sent this email with the same offer with the hope that more people would come in. If the person didn't respond to that we did one last thing which was to automate a text message to gout to the customer. That automated message we sent out with the same offer. The reason we did all of this was because we were trying to get people to come back into the store, so the idea from all of these promotions was to drive people back into store and buy a product at point of sale. When someone came back in at point of sale, since they are people who haven't signed up to our subscription because if they were we wouldn't have put them into that sequence we then went about trying to sell them back to the subscription model.

The way that the traffic flowed was; when someone first comes in to buy a product we want them to sign up for the subscription and anyone who doesn't goes into the sequence 3 months down the line where if they come in a buy another product we try and sell them the subscription again.

What we managed to do there was go from an average spend of £24 when someone buys a product over a 6-month period and increase that to £74.20. As you can see, we tripled the amount of money that came in every single time we sell a product, simply by putting together a really simple sequence.

All that we did here was put one offer at point of sale by offering them an extra product that they needed which was the household flee spray and then offered to take away their stress of remembering to come in and buy the flee product and offered them a subscription. For anyone who didn't take us up on that we put them into a really simple sequence with a time of 3 months down the line that if they hadn't come in and bought a new flee product we would send them 2 emails and a text. Those emails and text took only around 25 minutes to set up, the promotion took a couple of minutes to set up and we managed to triple the amount of money that came into our business just by doing that.


We'll be doing loads more blog posts on this subject of how to increase the amount of money people spend within your business. You can set this up really simply, every single business can do it, if you've got any products you could set this up with a product people need to buy consistently you can then set this same sequence up and it will have a similar effect. Every business we have done it with has over doubled the amount of money that comes in per sale.

For more information visit where you can see all of the emails we sent out as well as the text message template for this particular promotion.



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September 6th, 2018 - 22:41

This was an awesome read!

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