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What are the benefits?

Let’s continue...

In a previous blog post, we touched on the benefits of an EPOS system and explained what it is? Let’s continue to talk about EPOS and its benefits……….

As I mentioned in the previous blog post about customer retention, customer retention is simply the company’s ability to keep customers returning. It’s all about customer confidence and building relationships with your customers. 

Consumer confidence is the degree to which people feel confident about how well the economy is doing, which influences how much money they are willing to spend. When consumer confidence is high, consumers make more purchases. When confidence is low, consumers tend to save more and spend less.

What does customer retention and customer confidence have to do with an EPOS system?

An EPOS system can collect data on everything and take out the stress of reporting. You can utilise customers accounts, dynamic offers and sophisticated marketing methods to provide a service to your customers like never before.

You want to retain your customers. Over time you want customers to keep coming back and not leave you for your competitors. It's all well and good attracting new customers, but how do you hold on to them? Here is where the EPOS system comes in.

Remember the customer comes first ...

The customer should be at the heart of everything you do and give them the best possible experience. To be able to do this, you need an insight into who your customers are? If you get this right, they are likely to return. 

By collecting customer details you can see customers' shopping habits and identify customers who only shop occasionally. How do you convert these occasional customers into loyal customers?

Here is where the EPOS comes in…

There are so many ways you can ensure that you are meeting the needs of your customers, in order to make their shopping experience special and your business profitable. By running reports in quick time you are freeing up staff to focus on the customer and the level of service. A handheld PDA allows staff to have information in their hands, so they can deal with the customer effectively and efficiently. 

Customer profiling is beneficial for identifying customers' needs and exceeding their expectations. The EPOS report will tell you how much customers spend, what they buy and what they don’t buy. You can tailor your products and services to meet the needs of your customers. Getting to know your customers helps to understand where you need to focus on your advertising and resources. Like loyalty programmes, loyalty programmes can be a way to collect customer data.

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