Let’s talk about Customer Loyalty

What are the benefits?

Let’s talk about customer loyalty….

In a previous blog post we talked about customer profiling. Let's talk about how this can be a huge benefit and how we can use this information. 

As I mentioned in the previous blog post, it’s all about customer confidence and building relationships with your customers. If you have checked us out at a tradeshow, seen one of our seminars on-stage or attended one of our events, then you will know just how strongly we believe that customer loyalty should be the main focus of each and every business out there.

What is a loyal customer?

Let’s put it simply, customer loyalty is when a customer chooses one business or product over another business or product. It doesn’t matter if they are part of your loyalty program, or if you have complex systems in place. It’s all about meeting their expectations in product, price, quality and level of service. These expectations are what favors them to one business or product over the others. Loyalty is when a customer buys off your business multiple times because you have met their expectations. 

The customer should be at the heart of everything you do. Without your customers, you have no business and happy customers will use your business more than unhappy customers. You want to gain happy and loyal customers to return to you. Let’s talk about who we can ensure you are meeting the needs of your customers in order to make them happy and your business profitable.

Remember the customer comes first ...

Not all customers are the same, they have different needs. You must first understand the various types of customers. Their needs might not be a product they wish to purchase with you but maybe advice. Advice can be just as profitable as active selling.

How… as I have mentioned before, building a customer relationship is important. By spending time with your customers and giving advice and sharing knowledge on your products and services, informs the customers. Remember the customer comes first, by doing so they will remember the level of service you have given them, resulting in them leaving happy.

The customer's confidence will increase in your business and they have confidence in you that you have met their needs. This is important as you want them to return to you and not your competitors.

Give customers total attention…

By paying attention to your various types of customers and their needs, you gain more satisfied customers who will in return be more likely to repeat business. It’s not all about gaining new customers in order for the business to be successful and profitable. It’s about treating all customers in the way that makes them return. 

For more insight into customer loyalty it’s benefits keep an eye on our social media and stay tuned for the next post.


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