Let’s get deeper into customer loyalty

In a previous blog post we touched on customer loyalty and giving attention to your various different types of customers. Let’s continue to talk about customer loyalty…

As I mentioned in the previous blog post, customer loyalty is when a customer chooses one business or product over another business or product. It doesn’t matter if they are part of your loyalty program, or if you have complex systems in place. It’s all about meeting their expectations in product, price, quality and level of service.

It really is as simple as that…

Customer loyalty is what encourages customers to shop and use specific products or business more often. Rather than making the move to somewhere new. Loyal customers on average will spend more money with your business than non-loyal customers. Loyal customers will also visit your business more than non-loyal customers.

Needs to be earned…

Loyalty needs to be earned. A business can gain loyal customers in a number of various ways. Firstly your business needs to be spoken about for all the right reasons. As mentioned before, product, price, quality and level of service all have a factor to play. Maybe a bit of convenience too. Just think if you have a staff member who is proud to sell a good quality product at a good price. Who knows all the features and benefits of the product. Who is actively listening to the customers needs and meeting their expectations. That customer might write a review or recommend your business or product. Another step further recommends and introduces their  family and friends to your business or product. With the power of social media these days, add recommendations on their social media pages.

Loyalty program

Loyalty programs/schemes are used widely by organisations in order to keep their customer relationship long and strong. Loyalty programs are designed to reward loyal customers and entice them to come and shop more and drive sales up by buying more with more visits. By signing up as many customers as possible to your loyalty program. The more data you are collecting on your customers, more importantly the more detailed information on their shopping habits. With a wide amount of loyalty programs out there and on others, you need to be competitive. The majority of loyalty programs offer the customer with rewards for choosing to shop with them. These rewards can be money off, discounts on purchases, meal deal, free gifts and birthday treats. Being a loyal customer also improves customer satisfaction as they will be getting a better service/experience than non-loyal customers.

Data is key…

What you need to do is give people as many reasons as possible to sign up. The key part of running any type of program is not only to learn who your customers are and how they interact with your business but to make use of that knowledge. If you use your customer data correctly, you will see growth within your business. By collecting data you can group your customers in as many ways as possible. Whether you look at how much they spend, what products they buy, how often they visit or more so that you can tailor your content to each audience.

For more insight into data is key and it’s benefits keep an eye on our social media and stay tuned for the next post.


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