Boost Employee Productivity

Every business has its challenges and goals. Many have the goal of improving employee productivity. Some believe it can be done by providing employees with more tools, while others believe it can be achieved by encouraging employees to do more with less workload. And others believe it can be best achieved by improving the way employees manage their time and tasks. Below are simple but highly effective tips to improve employee productivity, let's get started. 


Giving your employees a set of goals they need to achieve is a good place to start. Employees who have set goals are more likely to be engaged, compared to those who do not have goals to work towards. Explain to your staff what’s expected of them, show them what success in their role looks like and how their work affects the business. 

Compliments and feedbacks

A good pat on the back is always appreciated by employees. Celebrating milestones will keep your staff motivated to complete daily tasks. Track what your employees are doing weekly and monthly. Give them feedback on what they did well and why it was good, or what went wrong and how else they approach the challenge when facing it next time. For every 5 good feedback give them 1 negative report, so they are not overwhelmed with criticism of their work. The goal should be to help your people grow and develop, so providing ongoing, timely feedback is crucial. Assessing these milestones can also help you see the challenges your employees are facing. Identifying these challenges and solving them will allow your business to run efficiently.

Problem-solving and learning

To show that you really value your employees, allow them to come up with their own ideas and solutions. Make room for them to solve their own problems. Encourage them to think proactively so they can work more like a boss than an employee. This will allow you to have loyal and hardworking employees. They will know their skills, and weaknesses, and work effectively. 

Stick to your promises

No one likes to have promises broken. Motivate your staff by creating an environment where there is trust and consistency. Be wary of the promises you make, it will have an impact on your employees. If promises aren’t delivered you will lose loyal staff, the trust is broken not only affects their trust in the employer but the whole organisation.

In conclusion, be honest, trustworthy, and respectful. Be transparent, especially with bad news. Thank your employees when they do great work, and give them an opportunity to discuss their goals. After all, an employee that knows what to expect will be more motivated to produce great work.

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