Christmas Marketing Ideas

So with Christmas just around the corner, are you still wondering what you can do to promote the offers you have for your amazing customers? Don't worry it's not too late, you can still do a few little things to bring in more sales. Let's be real, in this day and age consumers LOVE to shop online, no one is queuing up in stores to find the perfect Christmas gift for their loved ones. Living in a smart tech era, everyone is completing their Christmas shopping online, either on their phones, laptops or iPad. In fact Santa is on amazon going through his list right now. 

Social media is the place where people find inspiration to make a purchase. Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are the biggest driving forces for purchase orders. So let's look at what you can do on your online platforms to attract customers and increase sales this season.


Give a Christmas look and feel to your online stores, add some seasonal decors to your website, social media and emails. Make sure it is eye catching to capture the attention of your audience. It doesn’t have to be a huge poster wishing your viewers Merry Christmas, you can, e.g., spice up your logo, profile picture, cover photo, the text on your website or play around with fonts. When customers view your page, it needs to motivate them to look for promotional deals.


What exciting new offer can you use to attract your customers? Think about your best sellers, maybe you can make a hamper basket of all your best sellers or maybe you can do a giveaway! What about additional presents with your customer’s orders, like free gift cards or complementary gifts? Ooo, may be free shipping with no min order. You can do competitions! Okay, so you get the point, there are so many different ways you can surprise your customers. This will in turn increase traffic to the website & followers on social media.

Shoppable posts

Instagram is a great way to increase your sales. Shoppable posts do a great job at leading your followers to purchasing a product. It provides visual enticement and an urgency to buy the product. It will be irresistible to scroll past your post if you make it easier for the customers to buy the product via the post.

Video campaigns

Create your vision in a video form. Video campaigns receive a massive positive response from people. Video campaigns can be shared on Facebook stories, Twitter fleets and Instagram reels. You should try a Christmas video campaign, it will be a great move for social media marketing during the Holidays.

Now that you have all this wonderful information, what are you waiting for? There’s less than two weeks left for Christmas. Get creating and really provide a treat for your customers this year.

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