Trade Show

Why should you go?

Trade shows are events that bring organisations together so they can exhibit their business. Commonly, trade shows are for business to business marketing. It is an excellent way to increase brand awareness and a great environment to connect with other prospects.

So why should you consider exhibiting at a trade show or attending one? There are several reasons why. Here are a few:

Selling products or services. Although the show is for businesses, you can still make sales. For example, our EPOS systems are designed for other businesses so we use the platform to advertise. It’s a great place to make a lasting impression and capture leads. We have seen real success when it comes to sales in trade shows.

Find out what your competitors are doing. See what technology, features, products or services they are incorporating. Examine what customers like about their product and try to understand their marketing strategy. Ultimately, you can use your competitors' strengths and weaknesses to make your organisation stand out.

Take the opportunity to engage with existing customers. Show them what new upgrades you have since they last visited you. Collect feedback. Ask them about their business, figure out how you can further meet their needs. Build a substantial relation with your existing customers.

Launch your new products or services. We recently launched our upgraded hardware plus software at the PATs and AQUA trade show. We offer exclusive deals at the trade show. It is a good way to reel in customers, allow them to get a feel of your product, you’ll have a better idea of what customers suit your new addition.

Having been to many trade shows, here are some of our top tips…

Purchase only the space you need. Buying the space alone takes up a significant amount of your budget, so don’t over do it and waste money. 

Make your stand as inviting as you can. When making your stand look attractive, this will increase curiosity, bringing more onlookers to you. 

Organise well. Think of what you are going to talk about, what freebies you want to give out, what events you need to be part of and who you want to take with you. 

Select the right team, you need staff who understand and empathise with consumer challenges, but also know when to close deals.

Other than showing off your business, there can be other events to look forward to such as Networking events, awards, speakers (our very own Kris Bark has done many seminars during trade shows), media opportunities to get more exposure and so much more.

From experience we know trade shows are great opportunities to meet your customers face-to-face, gain feedback, build brand awareness and generate leads. Events like these keep you relevant in your industry. Next time you have the opportunity to attend a trade show, don't let it pass you by.

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