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Best Posting Methods For Social Media For Your Business

Best Posting Methods For Social Media For Your Business

  Social Media   1 Comments   September 05, 2018   Holly Bernard

Best posting methods for social media for your business


Don't make all of your posts promotional

The 80/20 rule suggests that 80 percent of your social promotional and selling success comes from 20% of the cause/social curation. Therefore, only 20% of the posts you make on social media should be promotional material and the other 80% should be used to engage with your customers - sharing with them information and content that they will find useful.


Use visual content in your posts

Incorporating visuals that are relevant to your posts are much more likely to make people recognise them and be attracted to what the content is. This is relevant for every social media platform and is the best way to engage old customers as well as potentially new ones. This can be anything from photos, videos, gifs etc. just anything that will attract someones attention.


Only post on social media platforms that will reach your target audience

It is many peoples train of thought that if their business is on every social media platform that they'll reach a wider audience but this generally isn't the case. If you hand pick a selection of social media sites where the majority of your target audience is and focus on these instead of spreading yourself over all platforms and then spreading yourself too thin so that the content is rushed and of poor quality. This way you can focus on effective content that will be of value to people and you'll get a much better response and outcome.


Quality over Quantity

When it comes to the amount of content you put into a post, writing loads doesn't always mean you'll get the best response. For example, just because twitter has increased its character count doesn't mean you have to fill it; having more content doesn't mean more value. Giving your followers concise but useful content it will appeal to more people than drowning them in content that is of no value to them.


Post Regularly

In order to keep your customer engaged you need to be posting regularly across all of your social media platforms. In order to do this effectively, you can set up a schedule for updates on each social media website each week and choose what times and on what days the updates will be posted. This saves a lot of time and keeps your social media updated regularly without you having to prepare content every week. However, you need to be careful that your customers don't realise your posts are robotic so make sure they have a bit of a different personal touch to them. You should still be constantly checking for any comment or interaction from your customers and make sure to reply and give feedback, as this gives your brand a more friendly and approachable image - which will attract more customers.


Use posts to advertise offers and discounts

I mentioned further up you don't want to be constantly advertising your brand, you want to engage with your customers but ultimately your aim is to get people to come to your store and use your business. When making advertising posts, one of the best things you can focus on is exclusive deals. If you can reward your followers on social media or give them a reason to come to your business like an in-store event, for example and advertise this over social media you'll reach a wide range of people.


Post at the right time

In order to capture as many people on social media as possible you need to be clever about exactly when you post. Have a look through past posts and see on which days and what time you had the most interaction. Also, on social media platforms like Facebook, you can have a look at your page insights to see the best time that works best for your brand. This way you can post at convenient times when your target audience will most likely be on the social media platform to see it and reach as many as possible.


Make your posts relatable

The best way to connect with your customers over social media is to post about things they can relate to. This can still relate to your brand and match your products, but if you can link the everyday lifestyle of your target customers you will build a relationship with them. This is important in both keeping customers and gaining new ones.


Deliver social proof through your posts

Posting with comments or reviews from previous or current customers that are satisfied with your brand is a great way to interact with customers and get them to notice your brand and attract them. Even reposting posts from happy customers on social media provides even more proof. This helps because, if you give customers other peoples opinions they can relate to telling them how good you are it will more than likely draw their attention towards you instead of your competitors.


Add Links

When advertising or showing off your products on social media it's a good idea to put a link on the post, which will take the customer straight to that item on your website. This can be done on many social media platforms, such as: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. and is a successful way to get customers to your website, as it is easier than them having to type in a website address, making it more convenient for them.





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