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"I think purchasing the Premier EPOS system was one of the best business decisions we've made." - Cockfields Farm

The Perfect EPOS System.

Award Winning complete EPOS systems, trusted by thousands.

Our Award winning EPOS systems are trusted and loved by thousands of businesses. The system is extremely easy to use, and offers more features and capability than any other EPOS provider.

Our software is developed in house compared to other providers, we know everything about our system. We guarantee more in depth customer service and support.

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"I was very sceptical before we got the system, but it has made a huge difference to the running of the business. I have had other shops ring me and ask, off the record would I recommend the system, and I would every time, because its really, really good." - Clipsley Pets & Aquatics

"Having a Premier EPOS system has really given us a lot more insight into how the business works, and where the plus points are, including sales and stock re-ordering. I think purchasing the Premier EPOS system was one of the best business decisions we've made" - Cockfields Farm


Award Winning, for a reason.

Here at Premier EPOS we're extremely proud of the service we provide. Our software is designed for business owners, BY business owners. 10 years of programming and perfecting our software has won us multiple awards, and we intend to continue improving our software and win more. 


BETA 2012 Winner

Safety & Security Award Category


Aqua 2011 Winner

Shopfitting & EPOS Award Category


PATS 2012 Winner

Retail Resources Award Category


Handheld & App

Stock Management, prices, ordering, all at the tips of your fingers.

Our Mobile Application/Handheld is award winning for a reason. With it, managing your store has never been so simple. Our APP makes any task easy. You can manage your stock, sales, ordering and so much more with our App that connects directly to your EPOS system.

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purchase orders

Purchase Orders

Purchasing your orders has never been so easy

Any business selling goods needs to replenish its supplies, and we believe we have all the tools you require regardless of which method you use. Our fantastic re-ordering system will do all the hard work for you!

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Appointments & Diary

Keep track of everything, easily.

Losing track of your appointments? Our system allows you to easily keep track of all your appointments, and even alerts you to them.

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Label Designer

Quick, custom, easy.

Every item needs a label, how else are your customers going to know the price? With our EPOS system labels have never been so easy.

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Marketing can be extremely powerful, with our EPOS, its easy.

It’s all about getting the customers coming back to your shop again and again. With an amazing EPOS system like ours, things like Marketing and Communication become as simple as clicking a button.

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second screen

Second Screen Adverts

Second screens look great, and they're easy with our epos.

We all know about the main till screen, so what about the second one facing the customer? We would use this to just display the price of items and the total of their basket. But why not use it for advertising?

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Serving Customers, Special features, Special Offers & Vouchers

The Sales Screen will be the Screen you use the most. It is 100% Customisable by you, so you can design it however you want. With features such as Customer Orders and Deliveries, Vouchers, Waste or Shop Use, Quotes, Customer Selection/Creation, Weighed Items, Staff Clock in and out and many more! The Sales Screen is 100% Customisable, you can change it to suit you.

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Stock Management

Online Product Lookup, Custom Data Fields, Supplier Data Import/Export.

Stock Replenishment has never been easier. Our software allow you to create orders based on Min /Max, Previous Sales or even just create a blank order to edit manually or using the app / handheld. When you receive an Order simply scan in your stock and the system will from then on be aware how much stock you sell and have left, enabling you to only order what you need.

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Accounting & Statistics

Reports, Weather, Cashing Up & Chain Statistics

The Accounting feature allows you to see live statistics for your store. You can view statistics, reports and graphs on just about anything such as: Income, Profit after VAT, Stock Cost, Transactions, Best/Worst Selling Lines, Best/Worse Profit Lines, Takings from Selected Days, Categories Report, Customer Reports, Special Offers, Staff Performance, Transaction Charts and many, many more.

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Restrictions, Lockout, Staff Management & Logging

You can choose exactly what you want each user to access and which areas or features of the Software that you don’t want them to. For example if you have Saturday Staff that required Restricted access then you would limit them to only be able to access the Sales Screen and perhaps not be able to perform things such as Refunds, Petty Cash, Void, etc.

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Multi Stores

Stock Transfer, Mirroring, Chain Statistics & Access Anywhere

So you have more than one store? Need an easy way to look at all your stores stock levels? Your best selling products across all your stores? Maybe which stores are doing the best? With our EPOS system this is very easy with our multi store management.

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Customer Loyalty

Points, Repeat Offers, Meal Deals & Loyalty Card.

Give your Customers an incentive to shop with you by using our fantastic loyalty scheme. Here at Premier EPOS we can Design and Create Loyalty Cards for you to hand out to your Customers. You can choose how many points you award per £1, $1, €1 etc., how many for certain products, set levels for different Customers, i.e. Bronze, Silver, Gold Customers.

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Who Are We?

We are a diverse EPOS provider who develop all of our software in-house to ensure the highest levels of quality and customisation to our customers’ businesses.

From the beginning, our software has been developed with our customers by implementing their ideas and requests and providing them the most customisable EPOS system possible. Our ethos has set us apart from our competition and ensured our software continues to grow to become a solution that is tailored to help you grow your business. We believe we sell the most customisable EPOS solution available, and our experience in the retail and hospitality sectors has greatly helped us create a product that can handle almost any situation.


Why Premier EPOS?

The choice of an EPOS system should never be a decision that is taken lightly, and for that reason we are constantly striving to offer the most competitive product in the market today and tomorrow.

Whilst many other EPOS companies charge for additional modules, or new upgrades that are being offered, Premier EPOS rolls out new updates, fixes and services to all customers in support. There are also no license fees, once you have paid for the system, it belongs to you and you are not forced to take out our support options.

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We're constantly impressing with what we're capable of. Always pushing to set landmarks in our industry. Why not have a look at our feature on the popular breakfast show 'this morning' below.

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Trusted by Businesses

"I think the key thing that swung us towards Premier EPOS was the marketing capabilities within it. There's obviously lots of functionality within the EPOS Itself in terms of management of product, management of customers." - Pet Mania

"It's helped in a lot of ways. We didn't really use our old system very much, It wasn't very user friendly and you couldn't get much out of it. It didn't really mean much to the staff so with the new system and some staff training I think we're progressing." - Wild Animal Adventures


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The 3 Biggest Mistakes

Choosing your EPOS is a decision that should not be taken lightly. People make mistakes and end up deciding on an EPOS that's not for them. Watch this video below and check out the 3 biggest mistakes people make when choosing an EPOS provider.

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Latest News

Here you can view our lastest news and updates including any major changes to the software.

 Email System - Our software now has a dedicated email system. What this means is any orders, customer emails, etc. can now be send through the Premier EPOS email servers rather than having to own a third party email account like 'Mandrill'. 



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