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Dont just take our word for it

Premier EPOS systems are rapidly becoming the most desired EPOS system available. Selling is just the beginning.. With a Premier EPOS system you have Award Winning features at your disposal, such as Marketing, Emails, Texts, Stock Re-ordering, Statistics, Customer Loyalty Scheme, Website Integration and much, much more! Simply Fill out this form to learn more, and you will also receive a FREE ultimate information pack!

"I was very sceptical before we got the system, but it has made a huge difference to the running of the business. I have had other shops ring me and ask, off the record would I recommend the system, and I would every time, because its really, really good." - Clipsley Pets & Aquatics

"Having a Premier EPOS system has really given us a lot more insight into how the business works, and where the plus points are, including sales and stock re-ordering. I think purchasing the Premier EPOS system was one of the best business decisions we've made"- Cockfields Farm

"It has made our customer service much more efficient. It has allowed us to decrease our stock levels, It has reduced our paper use. On the shop floor it self, it has reduced our man hours" - Catherine - Widmer Feeds

"It's great that Premier EPOS respond to its customers needs. If we make a suggestion, which would benefit other users, they add this to the updates and share it across the community. We have benefited from both suggestions received and given." - Daniel Fuller, Fin 'N' Fur

Larton Livery - "I feel Premier EPOS excel in customer support, whenever I have a problem help is always on hand and problems are resolved very quickly. I find the software very diverse and really easy to use. The accounts/statistics have had a massive effect on our business; we know everything if not more than what we need to know about our store. We here at Larton would highly recommend Premier EPOS to any animal store owner." - Larton Livery

What can the system offer me?

The opportunity to sit back, relax, and watch your company grow exponentially, whilst the system manages everything in the process.

User Friendly Sales Screen

Being able to serve quickly and efficiently is everything in a Retail business. Our system has every function you need, quick to hand.

Completely customisable

The Premier EPOS system is completely customisable, so you can have it anyway you want, and change it any time you want.

Customer Loyalty

Your loyal customers are the most important asset to your company. Treat them how they want to be treated, with the in-depth customer loyalty features.


Want to know your consistent best selling day last year, or maybe want to know the weather 5 years ago? Our system can tell you more about your shop than you can.

Website Integration

Web presence is extremely important now we're in the technology revolution. Your Premier EPOS system can easily and effectively integrate into E-commerce websites (we can even build the site for you!)

Stock Re-ordering

Turn that painful re-order process into a 2 minute job. The Premier EPOS system can generate, manage and send your entire order. Simply sit back, put the kettle on, and let the system worry for you.

These are just a few of the features available. To find out more on our giant list of features, simply claim your FREE ultimate information pack.

Store Statistics & Reports

Our comprehensive Reporting & Statistics section allows you to analyse every aspect of your business. This gives you the information you need to make informed decisions to help grow your business.

  • Best & Worst Lines, Best Profit & Income Lines
  • Account Summary Daily, Monthly
  • Average & Total Customer Spend
  • Staff Performance Statistics
  • Sales Breakdowns
  • Banking Summary

Knowing your business inside out is one of the most powerful abilities you can have. Which is why our system can do just that.

Our system is able to produce reports to import into your sage accounting package for full accounting control. The same process for custom reports can be applied to your sage export, meaning you have massive control over your accounting.

Will it take long to import my stock into the EPOS system?

Not With The Premier EPOS Product Database.

Through many years in business, Premier EPOS has built up a huge Product database of over 250,000 lines.We can import all of your supplier data before we arrive. All we need to know is what band you are on with your suppliers and we do the hard work. It really is that simple.

Even if you currently have an EPOS system and you're looking to switch, In most cases we can migrate your existing stock data onto your Premier EPOS Database.

Gaining full control of your stock

Within the Stock Management, you can view all your products or you can filter your search by things such as; barcode, supplier, type of item, quantity, keyword, products never sold, products to be re-ordered, products recently updated and much more.You can then view and edit practically anything about that product such as: statistics, connected products, prices/margins, history, web upload, details, advanced details, multiple store update and linked stock items.

Planning ahead for seasonal prices?

You can create Scheduled Price Adjustments using the software. Simply search for the product(s) using various criteria and then select the date/time of when the price change is to take effect and the software will automatically change the prices for you.

Easily import your stores products

Here at Premier EPOS we have pre-loaded data from hundreds of Suppliers in the Industry. You can load this data onto your own system, direct from the software.If we don’t have the data that you need, simply send us any supplier data that you have and we’ll upload the data for you for free. When you import the data, you have everything from the barcode and selling price to case sizes and descriptions/images.

How about your own customer loyalty scheme?

Unleash The Power In Your Business

Interested in your own loyalty scheme?

Starting a Loyalty Scheme has never been easier, create your loyalty customer from the sales screen, main menu or even from customer orders. As soon as your customer is created simply assign them to be a loyalty customer (tick box in customer creation) and viola!

Loyalty Cards

So you have your loyalty scheme set up but you want to make it that much more by handing out loyalty cards to your customer’s. Loyalty cards will benefit you in a way that when a customer looks in their wallet or purse they will always be reminded of your store.

Customise your Points Scheme

There are various ways in which you can customise your Points Scheme. You can change how many points you award per pound, how many points you award for certain products and you can even set different levels for each customer, for example; Gold Customer or Silver Customer. You can make it so that different customer’s receive different points.

Loyalty Card Design

Here at Premier EPOS, we can design and create cards for you based on a design of your own or created from scratch by our very own team of Graphic Designers. We design, print, encode and send them directly to you.

Instore and on the move!

The Premier EPOS App

You can use one of our hand held scanners preloaded with the Premier EPOS App in your store to instantly update your stock, create replishiment orders or even queue bust if needed.

You don't need to take the scanner back to the craddle for the changes to be made, changes are instant.

You can even take your store with you. If you go on holiday and want to see how your store is doing, just log in via the Premier EPOS App and view your live store statistics.

Not Just a second screen!

Second Screen Advertising can be very useful but with Premier EPOS it can be another member of your sales team.

Our second screen system will do all the usual expected functions and more. It can suggest products that a customer normally buys but doesn't currently have in the cart.basebr Ads do not just "Loop".

They're programed and built based on events like "When Item Scanned", "When Customer Selected" & "When Till Inactive".

Transform your Business

The Premier EPOS system is designed to managing and transforming your business. Simply fill out the form to recieve your FREE ultimate information pack.

We will not share your information. Read our privacy policy.